KCPE Revision Tips

Exams are around the corner and you want to revise effectively so as to ensure you get the best grades possible. Here are 5 tips you can use to revise for your upcoming KCPE exams.

  1. Practice using past papers – KCPE past papers are a great way to get accustomed to the type of questions you will face in the exam. Practicing using KCPE past papers allows you to build the confidence you need to tackle exam questions since you will not be encountering such questions for the first time on exam day, instead you would have familiarized yourself with the kind of language and format examiners use, this enables you to have a good idea on how to answer exam questions. Head over to the KCPE section on the MwalimuPlus platform and make use of our KCPE revision program we have set for candidates. As you do each paper, go through our elaborate explanations on how to think through an exam question, ensure you understand everything there. MwalimuPlus also has a feature that allows you to test yourself in an exam like environment, this will help you learn how to work under exam pressure.
  2. Break up subjects – Revising for exams can feel overwhelming, especially if it’s a national exam that covers years of work. Tackling a whole subject, a tricky concept or a certain topic you have struggled with can be scary as well. Breaking down subjects into lots of manageable little sections can be a great psychological win and makes revising less daunting. Make sure before you sit down to revise you have a general outline of everything you need to know in a particular topic. On the MwalimuPlus platform, you will notice we have broken every subject into sub-topics, this will make your revision and preparation for your exams much simpler, manageable and effective.
  3. Start with difficult concepts – When revising, focus on patching over your weak points, this will help you get the grades you are aiming for. The best way to identify the concepts you struggle with is through doing as many practice past papers as you possible can. As the concepts you are struggling with become clearer, you should focus on ensuring that you truly understand the concepts as you keep making progress with your revision, and the best way to know you have understood those concepts is through testing yourself every now and then. This might seem tedious but better to have all your bases covered than regret later after the exam. On the MwalimuPlus App you will notice as you do practice past papers we clearly outline for you the areas you need to polish up on.
  4. Plan your time well – Instead of flicking through your books finding a topic to revise you are better off knowing what topic you need to cover at exactly what time in which day. The best way to go about your revision is by making a timetable that helps you focus on what topic needs to be covered by when, this is very useful as exam approaches. Essentially it will make you accountable for how you spend your time and help priorities your studying commitments.
  5. Sleep and rest – It’s easy to get overwhelmed during this period of exam anxiety, best thing you can do is make sure you don’t forget to sleep and rest well. If you don’t sleep and rest well, you run the risk of burning out and losing much needed focus as well as the motivation to keep revising. Also, make sure you eat well and don’t neglect your physical well-being.